Simple website search tool

This PHP script will search all the static files on your website. It will search the contents of HTML files, search PDF files, and even find matching file names (like JPEGs).

Demo #1 - iframe search:

Enter a search term below. Here are some to try: test, virtual engine (searches a pdf file), tree (finds a matching jpeg image), a (throws error), html (finds all html files), blueteddy (searches meta tags)

The iframe mode is the easiest way to insert search results into an existing website design.

Search Site Content:

Demo #2 - full page search:

Click here to load the full screen search

List of static html files on this site:

Here is a link to a PDF document.

Below is a list of static html files on this site so you can see what the script is searching.

If you would like to test the search tool, you can view a page below and see if you can find it by searching above.