Simple User Counter

This is a very easy to use and feature rich user counter script. It allows you to display how many people are viewing your website right now. You can style this any way you like anywhere, on any page, in any web language (PHP, Ruby, Static HTML, XHTML, etc..)

User Counter Demo - Try it yourself

Open up different browser windows (eg: Firefox and Internet Explorer) and watch the user count go up! Yehaw!

Pick your Demo User type A "User" | A "Hobbit" | A "Registered Member" |

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User types are not neccessary, but if you want you can pass any user type to this script and it will display it! If you already have a login system on your website, you can use this counter to distinguish the number of logged in users, verse the number of guests, much like a forum counter.

Example 1:

JavaScript used to generate this:
<script language="javascript" src="/widget_user_counter.php?s&t&u=User"></script>

Example 2:

There are a total of users online.
JavaScript used to generate this:
<script language="javascript" src="/widget_user_counter.php?s&n&c"></script>

Example 3:

And this is how many Hobbits are online:
JavaScript used to generate this:
<script language="javascript" src="/widget_user_counter.php?s&n&c=Hobbit"></script>

Example 4:

1 User online
PHP Script used to generate this:

Example 5:

Here we use different images to output how many users are online:
There are users online. (code: <img src="/widget_user_counter.php?n&c&i">)
(code: <img src="/widget_user_counter.php?n&t&i">)
(code: <img src="/widget_user_counter.php?n&t&i&itbg&ifg=2125D4">)
(code: <img src="/widget_user_counter.php?n&t&i&itbg&ifg=2125D4&ifs=9">)
(code: <img src="/widget_user_counter.php?n&t&i&ibg=2125D4&ifg=FF2727&ifs=22">)
There are a total of Hobbits online. (code: <img src="/widget_user_counter.php?n&c=Hobbit&i&ifg=55BD6C&itbg&ifs=30">)
As you can see, you can control transparent backgrounds, font color, background color, font size, and even the font type.

Example 6:

Changing the default text from "online" to "viewing".
JavaScript used to generate this:
<script language="javascript" src="/widget_user_counter.php?n&s&t=User&postfix=viewing"></script>

View the source code to see how easy it is to use the javascript method.